Most Important Things to know about your Air Conditioner

Most Important Things to know about your Air Conditioner 1500 1000 Fresh Living

The summer season has fallen upon us. It brings with itself the heat and a wrenching intensity of warmth which is rather unbearable. During this season, the need for an air conditioner is what all of us desire. An air conditioner is the only device that can help us get through these 4 months without any stress. However, maintaining such a device is not so easy as well. You have to keep it clean and serviced once in a while for it to function without any complications. 

AC repair services are what help you get through this and avoid any disturbances or complications with your device that may cause problems in the future. For you to understand when and how you need repairing services for your AC, it is very vital that you know certain things about the air conditioner. Knowing some common things about the AC can enlighten you and you yourself can avoid problems with the device. 

Some of the most important things that you have to know about your AC have been listed below, you can go through and know how much is already known to you.

Air conditioner’s take the air from the outside which is then filtered in order to provide us with cool air inside. These filters play a very significant role in an air conditioner as the air outside is not clean and these filters clean it. Thus, keeping these filters clean is very important. Changing your filters periodically will result in the AC providing you with clean, fresh and cool air.

There can be times when you may experience leaks from your AC. how to know when your AC is leaking? You can light an incense stick and move it around the ducts. If there is smoke coming out of it, it can be said that the AC is leaking. You can fix these leaks easily by using foil or duct tapes. However if there are more complications, it is advised to consult a technician for the same.

Make sure that your ducts are insulated at all times. This will help them function properly and will give you the desired cool and fresh air conditioning you want. Spray foam, batting, or other ways usually do the job in insulating the ducts. They are sealed with duct tape for a better solution. Even if the place is compressed, reflectix tape does the job.

The most important part of an AC is the compressor that is placed outside. Wind brings along debris and dirt along with it. Make sure you are checking the compressor once a while especially if you live in a place where dust storms are more often. While cleaning the compressor, make sure you clean the fins properly. Moreover, see to it that there is no debris or dirt within 24 inches or 2 feet of the fins.

These were some of the most important things that you needed to know about your Air Conditioner. Having said these things, it is also very important that you opt for AC repairing services when you experience a greater problem with your electronics. Where can you find the best AC repair services in Dubai? We are here to help. Fixperts Fresh Living is your one stop shop at finding the finest repair solutions in Dubai. From AC to furniture cleaning, and from water tank cleaning to windows, we have got it all. Get in touch with us now!

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