Things to Keep in Mind During Move Out Cleaning

Things to Keep in Mind During Move Out Cleaning 1038 737 Fresh Living

As much as moving to a new house seems difficult, proper cleaning of the place we are leaving behind is equally important. We are busy packing all our valuables and segregating the boxes of the kitchen, bedroom and living room. Usually, cleaning of the place we are moving out of is not possible for us in this chaotic shifting process. Thus, the move out cleaning service comes as a bliss in this situation. 

A thorough move out cleaning process is required as per a part of the lease or agreement if you are leaving a rental property. It is an important task so as to protect your security deposit. The move out cleaning service includes an extensive cleaning of your apartment. It ensures that every inch of the property is spotless and the cleaning is done using environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning products. The job is done to acquire complete customer satisfaction that includes the team’s punctuality, quality of work and experience along with being insured. 

In order to achieve satisfaction with the services that are provided to you, a checklist seems to be a good option. Having a checklist can allow you to be sure of the carrying out of all the necessary cleaning processes that are included in the service. After the service is complete, you can reread the checklist and ensure that nothing is left to be done. Here are some of the things that can be included in the checklist for a better move out cleaning experience – 

Usually the cleaning process starts with dusting and sweeping the floors in order to get rid of the dirt that is accumulated due to the packing of boxes. Sweeping is very important as it helps with the initial step in the extensive cleaning process. Once the sweeping is done, the dust and dirt that remains behind along with minute particles are eradicated through vacuuming. This is a vital step in your checklist because it ensures that the first and foremost step of the cleaning process is complete.

The next important step that should definitely be in your checklist is the hygiene and cleanliness of the washrooms when you move out. A thoroughly cleaned washroom means scrubbed floors, toilets, sinks, showers and bathtubs. Washrooms are the first thing noticed by your landlord or the next family that might be moving to the residence. You need to make sure that the team of cleaners clean the washroom in an extensive manner.

A clean and hygienic kitchen is very important in any household as it is the place where the cooking is done. The cleaning of the utensils only is not sufficient. A clean kitchen includes a washed and scrubbed sink along with a washed and cleaned stove. All the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen should also be cleaned from the inside out. Along with these, all the extra appliances present in the kitchen such as the electrical points, countertops, dishwashers, etc. should be thoroughly cleaned as well.

Lastly your checklist should include a detailed walk through of the house. From the entrance door to the kitchen and bathrooms and back again to the door, every inch of the property should be checked properly. Not one single space of the house should be left unattended or dirty. Your checklist should ensure that all the necessary places of the house are cleaned and the residence is left back to the owner in a ‘as good as new’ condition.

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