How does Deep Cleaning Differ from Regular Cleaning?

How does Deep Cleaning Differ from Regular Cleaning? 600 401 Fresh Living

Whenever we hire any house cleaning services, we make sure that they are the best option and will provide us with the finest cleaning services with their professional team. Out of the different cleaning services, regular cleaning and deep cleaning are generally confused between. Regular cleaning is quite different from deep cleaning when it comes to the end result after the service is complete. 

Regular cleaning involves your weekly cleaning tasks whose main purpose is to maintain hygiene and cleanliness around the house. Since regular cleaning is mostly about maintenance, it is usually done based on a set schedule. For example, the cleaning service you hire for regular cleaning can come to your house once every week or twice/thrice a month, depending on your needs and requirements. 

Deep cleaning, on the other hand, is a more thorough cleaning process compared to regular cleaning. It is a lot more extensive than your standard weekly cleaning process. This type of cleaning improves the overall sanitation and livability of your house as it involves a complete rubdown and gives attention to the neglected spots that are hard to reach. As opposed to regular cleaning, deep cleaning services can be opted once every six months or annually as required.


  1. The main difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning is the attention to detail. Where regular cleaning is responsible for only dusting areas within the reach of the hired team, deep cleaning services ensure that every inch of the place they are cleaning is left shining bright. 
  2. Tasks that typically happen during regular cleaning are cleaning floors, tidying up spaces, taking out the trash and general dusting. Whereas deep cleaning goes further in to get rid of dirt, grime, soap scum and other dirty areas inside the house. It is a more thorough service than that of standard cleaning. 
  3. Regular cleaning involves the standard during method when it comes to cleaning bathroom floors, showers, sinks and other areas of the bathroom. Deep cleaning, however, involves scrubbing floors, disinfection cleaning, cleaning of cabinets from the inside out, deep cleaning shower doors, curtains and sinks in the bathroom. 
  4. The kitchen is another place that gets dirty very easily due to the splattering of food or spilling of liquids. Regular cleaning involves services like tidying up the countertops, dusting of all the visible spaces, and generally cleaning the floor. However, deep cleaning involves cleaning behind and under appliances, cleaning the insides of appliances like your microwave oven, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, etc. It also includes cleaning and disinfecting of small kitchen appliances along with door knobs and switches. 
  5. Unlike regular cleaning, where just the tidying up of spaces is done and things are kept where they are meant to be, deep cleaning involves a more extensive approach. It includes cleaning of window frames, vacuuming upholstery, wiping down ceiling fans and light fixtures, scrubbing walls and polishing of the furniture. 
  6. Lastly, the most obvious difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning is the differing costs. Given the standard cleaning process involved in regular cleaning, it costs less compared to deep cleaning which costs more because of its extensive and in-depth cleaning procedure. 

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