How Can you Clean your Upholstery Furniture Properly?

How Can you Clean your Upholstery Furniture Properly? 2000 1333 Fresh Living

The cleanliness of your furniture is of primary importance. It is so because your furniture stands out to the people that visit your house any time. Whether it is a sofa or a table, regular dusting of these items is very important to ensure hygiene. Wooden furniture is quite easy to dust and can be cleaned with a normal cleaning solution and a cloth. However, what requires more effort is the upholstery furniture which is fabric and has to be cleaned appropriately.

There aren’t many ways in which upholstery furniture’s cleaning can be experimented upon. Certain solutions are available that go easy on the fabric and do not have any side effects, but expensive upholstery furniture cannot be risked to any such exposure. Thus, taking advice from a professional or hiring professional furniture cleaners seems like a better option.


Here are some ways in which upholstery furniture can be cleaned keeping in mind the fact that it does not have any adverse effect on the fabric –


    Dirt on the upholstery furniture not only makes it dirty but also speeds up the wearing off process of the upholstery fibers. In order to avoid such dirt and decaying of the furniture, vacuuming is a good solution. Vacuuming upholstery furniture more often including the sides, nooks and all the places not only cleans the furniture but also elongates the life of it.

    Scrubbing upholstered furniture is not considered a good practice as it damages the fabric. Even if you are trying to clean tough settled in stains, scrubbing would result in the stain sticking further into the fabric, deteriorating it even more. Instead, you can use a cleaning solution, let it rest for a while and then gently clean it with a clean cloth to avoid any damage to the fibers.

    Baby wipes are surprisingly great for cleaning leather, polyester and cotton. These wipes contain a gentle mixture of water and soap with little moisture that allows proper and easy cleaning of upholstered furniture in a go. If cleaned quickly, baby wipes can easily clean coffee stains or accidental spills. However, before directly using it on furniture, it’s advised that the wipe is used for testing beforehand to avoid any damage whatsoever.


    The sooner you treat a pot or stain on your furniture, the better chances there are to treat it appropriately. Club soda, salt and water combined are some ways with which stains can be treated on upholstery furniture. Coffee stains are tough to remove and so water and vinegar is used. Sometimes toothpaste is also used for certain kinds of stains that go easy on the fabric but also remove the stain at the same time.

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