Things to Keep in Mind During Move in Cleaning

Things to Keep in Mind During Move in Cleaning 848 480 Fresh Living

Even though getting a new house is a bliss, what actually comes as a side package is the stress of moving to a new place. For someone who has little baggage, it is not an issue, but for a family it seems like climbing a big mountain, only to stay at the top forever. Before moving to a new house, it has to be cleaned and sanitized properly to avoid any unhygienic problems in the future. This is where we come to the move in cleaning services that play a significant role in the process.

Move in cleaning involves the thorough cleaning of the house either before you move your luggage or post the luggage moving. Scrubbing of the floors, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, dusting furniture, cabinets and drawers, etc. are included in the whole move in cleaning services. The products and solutions that are used to clean the house are completely eco-friendly and do no damage whatsoever to the floors, tiles, upholstery or any part of the house.


Now that we know what the move-in cleaning process encompasses, let us form a checklist to make sure everything is covered. –

  1. CLEAN HIGH Dust is not just restricted to floors and countertops. It gets accumulated on ceilings, fans, tubelights even. So whenever the cleaning process starts, it is advised to start with the ceilings and all the high places. This way after the high places are cleaned, the low ones can be cleaned once and for all.
  2. CLEAN THE REFRIGERATOR FIRST If you are doing the cleaning after moving in, it is always better to clean the refrigerator first. This is because you can hold off other things while the house is getting cleaned, but storing perishable foods is important. Clean the shelves and drawers properly, sanitize each level of the refrigerator so that the food is at least stored properly and in a hygienic way.
  3. CLEAN THE KITCHEN After the refrigerator is done, start with the kitchen. This is where most of the storage takes place which is palatable and should be stored appropriately. All the kitchen shelves, tables and drawers should be washed and cleaned along with the stove so that the kitchen stays hygienic and safe for all the food storage.
  4. CLEAN THE FLOORS AT LASTOnce the food items are stored, the bathrooms are cleaned, and all the high places are dusted off, the floors have to be cleaned. Finally all the places are cleaned and now once the floors are done, all the dust and dirt is cleaned at last which leaves for you a shining and all-clean house to move in.

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